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MAID - Nadia Milford and Tempo Dance Festival

27 May 2020 to 31 May 2020
begins at 1pm on May 27 to midnight May 31
A dance film
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Tempo Dance Festival Website
Overseas, National



MAID, produced and performed by Nadia Milford, is a dance film that pays homage to the multiplicity of feminine power. Through an exploration of the archetypes of women as seen in ancient mythology, Nadia conveys a feminine force that is vulnerable and nurturing yet resilient and unstoppable.

A dance film by Nadia Milford

Cinematography: Trevor Worden

Sound: Jag Popham

Co-production: Kyra Lee Worden

Assistance: Chris Fredericks and Austin Hulme


Nadia Milford

Nadia is a dance performance artist who also creates her own multidisciplinary works integrating film, dance-theatre and immersive installation. Her diverse work uses the intrinsic language of the body to engage people in experiences that encourage deeper self-awareness and reflection.