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Transforming Uncertainty into Action: The Human Potential Series Part 1

1 Jun 2020 to 18 Jul 2020
June-July 2020
Join world-renowned authors and thought-leaders as we explore new ways of navigating the uncertainty before us.
Event type: 
Cultural, Hui/Wananga, Live event
Overseas, National, Auckland


Part 1 of The Human Potential Series features world-renowned international and local speakers.

Now more than ever, focused and purposeful collaboration and colearning can help the sparks catch light and blast open the doors for remembering and redefining our human role on Earth. 

The uncertainty of our times can be disempowering and paralysing for many, yet there is an opportunity to grow greater capacity for clarity, strength and purposeful action.

How can we transform uncertainty into action, individually and collectively? In this series a diverse group of speakers explore how they engage with this question.

This Series weaves together a multitude of viewpoints from artists, authors, activists, teachers, thought leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs including: Marianne Williamson, Alex Grey, Charles Eisenstein, Daniel Pinchbeck, Kaypacha Lescher, A.H. Almaas, Gay Hendricks, Jamie Catto, Liam Forde, Anjum Rahman, Karen Johnson.

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19 May 2020