Fire, Water, Land & Sky - Elliot Mason

Emergence by Elliot Mason
The Line by Elliot Mason
by Elliot Mason
5 Jun 2020 to 27 Jun 2020
9 - 5 Weekdays, 10 - 2 Saturdays
Recent painting, sculpture, and installation by Elliot Mason.
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Art, Exhibition
The Incubator Gallery
c/- The Incubator Creative Hub 159 17th Avenue Tauranga 3112
Bay of Plenty


Bay of Plenty artist Elliot Mason will hold his latest exhibition at The Incubator Gallery.
The body of work contains thirty-two years of influences where he purges the old and inhales the new and a quest for meaning. Elliot’s works demonstrate a lust for a well-formed line, with an attraction to intricacy. Think nature documentaries merge with art nouveau and 60’s op pop.

The artist describes this as an exhibition of one hundred clichés. Expect to see elements of the natural world, the curious exploration of unknown territories, frantic straddling of fleeting moments, fading away, reemerging, the ebb and flow from one moment to the next, the solitude and simplicity of an empty spaces , decay, high tide to low, darkness to light.

Elliot says, “It was a good summer in the waves and wading through rivers while autumn has heralded an unusual sanctuary of time, unbridled procrastination eventually gave way to focus and some work was produced.” He has been inspired by second homes, a new venue, a new life,

He has spent this time during production of this body of work by honing, sharpening and crafting, reworking, burning, cutting and drawing, peacefully moving from one work to the next travelling in a full circle.

The Incubator would like to welcome everyone to come and view this incredible body of work.

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The Incubator Growing Art & Culture

22 May 2020

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