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Still Solo - Oli Mathiesen and Tempo Dance Festival

14 Jul 2020 to 16 Jul 2020
Begins at 10am on 14 Jul
A movement based photographic exhibition which captures the body in motion; a study of the human body in light and shadow.
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Tempo Dance Festival Website
National, Auckland


‘Still Solo’ is a self-portrait photo exhibition featuring two series, ‘Liminalist’ and ‘Venetian’. The works strive to create a sense of movement in a still format, exploring how light and shadow can create a choreography against the body. The works explore ideas of how the body can exist in a liminal state as well as featuring the human form as the subject of performance. These series are an excerpt from Oli’s body of work where he continues to find how dance informs his photographic practice.


Thank you to Nicky and the late Stewart Mathiesen.


Oli Mathiesen is a contemporary dancer working in the cross-disciplinary fields of movement, photo and film. His photographic work is contextualised by his movement practice. Oli doesn’t see either as working in two different fields, dance or photography, but the discipline is defined by the medium the final product takes form in. He continues to work in the fine arts sector with photography held in the Wallace Arts Trust, while completing his dance studies at Unitec.