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NZDC Int/Adv Contemporary Class

24 Jun 2020 to 23 Sep 2020
Wednesday 6-8:30pm
Challenge yourself and push your technique in new ways
Event type: 
Dance, Workshop/Seminar
Wellesley Studios
113 Wellesley St West, Auckland


WEDNESDAY 6:30PM – 8:00PM 
Wellesley Studios, 113 Wellesley Street West, Auckland

Challenge yourself and push your technique in new ways with our weekly contemporary classes. These classes are aimed at pre-professional, intermediate/advanced dancers over the age of 14. Whether you are a current student wanting to further your skills, a current pro, or a past dancer seeking the chance to move again, NZDC welcomes you to join us.

Drop In

Cost – $12 per class for the remainder of 2020

Pay in person before class with cash or EFTPOS. 

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The New Zealand Dance Company

23 Jun 2020

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