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Celebrating Peg Escott

26 Sep 2020
4.30pm - 5.30pm Saturday September 26th
Celebrating Peg Escott, a lost taonga in the world of NZ drama, an evening of readings and performance of her works.
Event type: 
Live event
All Tickets $10
The PumpHouse Theatre
2a Manurere Ave Off Killarney Street Takapuna Auckland 0622


The PumpHouse Theatre hosts an evening celebrating writer, poet, playwright and friend of The PumpHouse, Peg Escott.  Presented as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival 2020.

Peg Escott was well known and respected in the world of drama in New Zealand and specifically on the North Shore. She was a published author of three novels, one of which, 'Showdown', was republished as part of the New Zealand fiction series in 1973.

Her stage play “Saved – a melodrama” was written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Auckland and reflects the Auckland of the past.

She was involved in the local amateur dramatic scene as director and was at the vanguard of the group who championed the saving of The PumpHouse building, which today remains a vibrant hub of The Arts.  

Sadly Peg passed away shortly before the first performance was staged at The PumpHouse., but her memory remains.

Few of Peg’s works still exist but those that do give us a glimpse into not only Peg's creativity but also Auckland of yesteryear.

Written by

The PumpHouse Theatre

21 Aug 2020