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Expressive Arts Therapy For the Community - A New Dynamic of Living

Expressive Arts for the Community
23 Feb 2021 to 13 Apr 2021
Tuesdays 7.00pm - 8.30pm Term 1, Feb 23 - April 13
An unique creative opportunity for adults in our communities to explore how expressive multi- disciplinary arts can respond and inspire people during this exceptional present pandemic affected time.
Event type: 
Art, Multidisciplinary, Workshop/Seminar
$200 for 8 weeks
Mapura Studios
Fowlds Park Rocky Nook Ave St Lukes Auckland 1022


How can we unfold our journeys and reflect this new climate through the languages of arts forms as a human being and as a sense of community?

We will interplay between the physical body, cognition, imagination, emotions and spirit. The project invites participants to consider experimentation as a working method and to trust the process and the therapeutic environment.


The project will be targeted at adults who would like to:

  • · Experience a process through Expressive Arts
  • · Inhabit themselves in a sensorial experience
  • · Cultivate inspiration and spontaneity
  • · Expressing themselves creatively
  • · Learn to explore through movements and visual Art forms
  • · Communicate thoughts through the language of arts
  • · Expand and discover new abilities
  • · Collaborate in a group experience
  • · Share stories and reflexions in a therapeutic context
  • · Transform art into spiritual practice
  • · Improving well-being


We are movement…
we embody light and the connected creativity that unites us all

Written by

Māpura Studios

15 Jan 2021

Interests Māpura Studios is a creative space offering innovative visual art and art therapy programmes for people of all abilities, with particular care given to ensuring those with disability and impairment are provided for.