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Why Write? Workshops

Why Write? Workshops - Mapura Studios
12 Feb 2021 to 16 Apr 2021
FRIDAYS 1.00pm - 3.00pm Term 1, Feb 12 - April 16
Why Write? aims to inspire people to express themselves and to convey their thoughts and emotions through writing.
Event type: 
Art, Literature, Workshop/Seminar
$120 per 10 weeks
Mapura Studios
Fowlds Park Rocky Nook Ave St Lukes Auckland 1022


By discussing the themes, structures and vocabulary of sample poems, we can apply those features within our own works.

Each participant will then be assisted in producing a short composition which is read aloud to the group. Every contribution receives tailored and detailed feedback.


Benefits of the group:

People who have never written poetry before can be encouraged into using it as a form of self-expression. Those who are more qualified writers are encouraged to find inspiration to write more.

We learn about a wide range of fields, genres and movements and often delve into history or the origins of words.

The group has no requirements other than the ability to listen and to write.

Sharing is encouraged but not compulsory.


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Māpura Studios

15 Jan 2021

Interests Māpura Studios is a creative space offering innovative visual art and art therapy programmes for people of all abilities, with particular care given to ensuring those with disability and impairment are provided for.