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Back to Square One

1 Mar 2021 to 4 Mar 2021
1 & 2 Mar, 6.30PM. 3 & 4 March, 7.30PM.
It's theatre, but only just!
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$15 - $25
1 & 2 March - 33 Apple Orchard Way, Sunnyvale, West Auckland 3 & 4 March - Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave


The Rebel Alliance invites you into 95 year old Inga's living room in Denmark as she reaches out through space and time to her grandson in New Zealand.

Inga has seen world wars, cold wars, civil wars. In real life and on TV. And when you’re close to 100 you know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Featuring lots of chalk, a cameo by a Viking God, and performed in a driveway near you, Back to Square One? is the remarkable story of unremarkable lives and the (sometimes) misdirected urgency that drives us all.

Sometimes all you need is an old lady to set you straight.

It's theatre, but only just!

Coffee & cake included.

Presented as part of Auckland Fringe 2021.

Written by

Basement Theatre

26 Jan 2021

Basement Theatre is Auckland’s culture-defining powerhouse - home to an artistic mixtape of theatre makers, dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, comedians and everyone in between.