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Belly Dance Classes

9 Feb 2021 to 12 Apr 2021
Classes Mon-Sat
Belly Dance Classes all over Auckland
Event type: 
Classes in Auckland CBD, Glen Eden, Western Springs, Albany, and Epsom. For times and locations, Book here:
Online, Auckland


Phoenix Belly Dance Classes in Auckland CBD, Glen Eden, Western Springs, Albany, and Epsom
Monday- Saturday class options as well as online classes.
Book here:
You are invited to learn the art of Belly Dancing! Belly dancing is for all women of any age, size or fitness level and no experience in any dance form is necessary! Find out more about our classes around Auckland here:
What you'll get:
-A fun way to exercise while gaining body confidence
-A social and friendly learning environment where everyone is welcome and you'll get to meet people
-You can join at any time during the term with access to classes all over Auckland
-Professionally trained and award-winning teachers who will guide you through the movements to make sure you're having fun while moving safely, and learning about the cultural roots of the dance
-One of the biggest schools in New Zealand that hosts lots of student events, performance opportunities, and international workshop teachers
Term Dates:
Term 1 = Tue 9 Feb - Mon 12 Apr
Term 2 = Tue 4 May - Mon 5 Jul
Term 3 = Mon 26 Jul - Sun 26 Sep
Term 4 = Sat 9 Oct - Fri 10 Dec
Please also note that there will be no classes on public holidays or long weekends.
"I never thought I'd say this but belly dancing is so much fun and it's not as easy at it looks! I love the challenge, the fun ladies that are learning with me and the comfortable environment we learn in. Plus, it's really great exercise too!" - Krystal S
$18 casual / $145 per 9 week term
To register, head here:
For more info:
Call Candice at 0211704183
Video about our classes:

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Phoenix Belly Dance

28 Jan 2021

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