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Photo Laundry

27 Feb 2021
10am to 3p, Saturday 27 February
Photo Laundry 2021 is a free outdoor photography exhibition, where everyone is welcome to showcase their work!
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38 Hurstmere
38 Hurstmere, Takapuna


New year, new location! Photo Laundry 2021 is coming to 38 Hurstmere, new town square in Takapuna.
Photo Laundry is an international outdoor photography exhibition first started in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2010 by Andrei Kezin.
More than 100,000 people from 100 cities have participated in the project in the last 11 years.
Photo Laundry debuted at Auckland in 2014.
The concept of the event is simple: photographers of all skill levels are welcome to showcase their work in the improvised gallery made of washing lines using pegs. In return for displaying your work feel free to take a print or prints that take your fancy.

Photo Laundry is a free community art project presented by Little Unique for 38 Hurstmere.

Written by

Little Unique

1 Feb 2021