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Smell the Roses… Light Infused Painting

13 Mar 2021 to 11 Jun 2021
13 March – 11 June 2021
Curated by Sarah McClintock of the Suter Art Gallery Nelson, the Univeristy of Waikato is excited to share the unique work of light artist Larisse Hall.
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Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts Gallery
University of Waikato Gate 2b Knighton Road Hillcrest, Hamilton


Light sustains our daily living. At its most elemental – with the rising and the setting of the sun, it demarcates the passage of time and the rhythm of life. Nelson based artist Larisse Hall’s essential artistic concern centres around the intertwined forces of light and time. Smell the Roses… brings together 15 works from the past decade of Hall’s career. Her light-based hybrid paintings/sculptures are time transformative – a kind of slow art that forces the viewer to ‘stop and smell the roses’, to spend time with the artworks, as they reveal themselves and their secrets, through the changing day.

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Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts Gallery

25 Feb 2021

The Galleries within the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts share the diverse visual arts programme within the University of Waikato. The exhibitions feature a range of contemporary art from leading regional and national artists.