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an observational practice

an observational practice
23 Feb 2021 to 24 Apr 2021
Tues - Sat, 10am - 4pm
Four Kāpiti artists share their observations
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Mahara Gallery
20 Mahara Place Waikanae


During the Covid-19 lockdowns last year, many people experienced a heightened awareness of and pleasure in the natural world. Their immediate neighbourhoods became temporarily less trafficked, quieter. The natural world seemed to breathe more deeply. 

Some contemporary artists’ work is rooted in their sensitivity to the natural world. This means applying a kind of visual mindfulness and paying extra attention to it. Their observations enrich our daily experience and open up the world of the imagination.

Participating artist Sophie Saunders comments: ‘It seems to me that it is possible to see our surroundings freshly only when we make the effort to take time to pause and be present. I am learning more and more that this takes conscious, repeated effort.'

The four artists – Gerda Leenards, Frances Jill Studd, Sophie Saunders & Janet Bayly – will speak to their works in an Artists' Floor-talk, Saturday 6 March at 2:30pm. Free entry. All welcome.




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Mahara Gallery

2 Mar 2021

Interests Mahara Gallery is the district public gallery for the Kapiti Coast. It offers a diversity of curated group and solo exhibitions in contemporary art and cultural heritage.