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Can I Get an Underground Location and a Mythical Creature?

5 May 2021 to 8 May 2021
10pm - 11pm
Want to experience Dungeons & Dragons without doing maths? Join a high fantasy adventure entirely made up on the spot AND controlled by the dice where the cast experience D&D in character.
Event type: 
Comedy, Show, Theatre
$20 full, $18 concession, $16 Group 6+/Cheap Wed
Covert Theatre
51 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1021


Brought to you by theatre troupe Improverished, their D&D show returns after a sold-out season at the 2020 Auckland Fringe Festival and 2019 Improv Marathon. 

This isn’t a show where you watch people play D&D - this is a show where you watch characters themselves in a D&D story. Follow along for a tale filled with adventure and surprise, with the hero’s fates in the hands of the dice and audience. 

Whether you’ve played D&D since you were five, only know it from watching Stranger Things or just enjoy improv and laughter - come along! 

“Highly entertaining, with the troupe eliciting raucous laughter and genuine investment in this short-lived story.” – Theatrescenes 

Inspired by fun and accessible shows like The Adventure Zone and Critical Role.