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Wings Unfolded - Niamh Cait Bentley

Wings Unfolded Niamh Cait Bentley
Wings Unfolded Niamh Cait Bentley
Wings Unfolded Niamh Cait Bentley
7 May 2021 to 8 May 2021
Opening 7 May 5.30pm Open 8 May 1-4pm Recital 2pm
Wings Unfolded Niamh Cait Bentley Music recital and water colour, pen and pencil exhibition
Event type: 
Art, Music
Free entry
David Lloyd Gallery
78 Lake Crescent Hamilton


A culmination of performing and visual arts. This exhibition is an exploration of the senses bringing together colour, detail and sound. The nature artworks and vocal performance create a lens into Niamh’s current life adventure.

This series is a metaphor of being on a journey. Commonly, New Zealand birds are seen as gentle, delicate creatures. I wanted to illustrate their vibrant beauty, through different scenes. In Maoridom the Tui is depicted as a messenger from God and our songbird, the kea being the bird of intelligence. These mighty birds are a self reflection of us and the facets of our inner spiritual journey in the same way that song expresses our soul.

Niamh Cait Bentley is a 20 year old artist, currently in her final year of completing a Bachelor of Classical Music; majoring in voice. Niamh has been passionate about the arts from an early age and studied both Music and Visual Art through School. With her music and painting so interwoven into who she is, these two components of her life compliment each other in interesting ways. The use of colour, details and emotion in both her art and singing to tell a story, is one of Niamh’s greatest strengths. This is evident both on stage and through her artworks.