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Zero Budget Indie Feature Documentary Video Movie Release

30 Dec 2021 to 30 Mar 2022
December 2021
the movie will be free with purchasable extras (including the full 1hr of video game interviews)
Event type: 
Vimeo and Youtube
Online, Wairarapa


teaser coming soon - a few (3-5) weeks away.

basically it's a long 4hr feature video movie documentary on a zero budget (mostly just one-man band project - with a little help from my mate) 21 interviews about nerd culture and nerd startups with some celebs, some emerging creative/entrepreneur voices and some self-proclaimed nerds/geeks talking about their passion for nerd culture and their perspective on the businesses that have affected/inspired/moved them. so from the outside and from the inside. made by nerds for nerds. and the approach is like a video version of a zine.

progress so far: 4 interviews done which need editing, in the process of keying up 4 more this month and editing next month, then 3/month until October, final editing through to November musical score and December release. In May/June getting the teaser done. so you can get a first taste of the project.


Coming Soon (release date: December 2021)

It's looking like we will release it for free on youtube and vimeo (and it's looking like 247mins.) But you'll be able to purchase for a small fee, the additional scenes (1hr of the full video game developer interviews), full movie download and commentary track (that we're hoping to add) via vimeo as the deluxe edition, just the additional scenes, or just the movie with commentary track on.


a feature documentary video movie about nerd culture, nerd startups, and businesses that serve nerd culture - with an emphasis on marketing...

Does nerd culture have a future? Is there hope for nerd culture?

This movie documentary dives into the creative process, marketing and business models behind creators passionate about nerd culture. Nerd culture is defined here as a group of typically socially rebellious, introverted intellectuals obsessed with complex, niche (intelligence or creative based) subjects. The documentary explores the change in the global business climate - for nerds, impacted by covid and the closing down of many nerd favourite properties: magazines, video stores, disc games, comic stores, many game stores... to vloggers and productions reviving the nerd culture market, with the existence of passionate business people who identify as nerds and/or make a living in this niche.

The 8-Bit Flesh Donors interview professionals and amateurs from the fields of video games, board games, LARPs, cosplay, arduino, esports, creature sculpture, tech gadgets, geek merchandise, and specialist marketing. The documentary focuses on their nerdy and geeky passions and careers in their specific niche, views on marketing approaches and how they have established themselves in nerd culture.

Its purpose is not to define a nerd or geek. Its purpose is to boldly ascertain if there is a future for nerd culture and how to succeed with a nerd startup in the current world climate.

The loss of key players and publications Game Developer Magazine and CVG Magazine, UGO, Cinefex, etc. and opportunities that this loss opens up in NZ. And the struggles of ordinary people doing extraordinary things - to make a living in this rebellious, nebulous niche, what prevents passionate creators being successful at what they love? In addition, the documentary explores why nerd culture is under fire with criticism, folding business models and lack of support for success.

Reaching an untapped market of passionate nerds, with different marketing approaches, compromises and creative paths, is discussed and solutions to the barriers of entry into niche creative, intellectual or socially rebellious fields. With the aim of finding hope for the future of nerd culture.

The documentary posits there IS hope for the future of nerd culture in different forms.

Written by

Mike B.

15 Apr 2021

The short version: I’m a novelist, screenwriter, playwright, tv writer, game writer/artist, digital product/space designer, mecha artist, comic writer/cartoonist, video creator, art director, essayist/critic. and freelance game writer, bespoke cartoonist, web designer and consultant.