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Matua Fine Tuai, Matua Fifine Fuata

24 Apr 2021 to 20 Jun 2021
24 April - 20 June
Join us for Matua Fine Tuai, Matua Fifine Fuata. Old woman New woman. An exhibition by Carolynn Tepou.
Event type: 
Te Koputu a te whanga a Toi
49 Kakahoroa Drive, Whakatane
Bay of Plenty



This exhibition is a reflection of a Pasifika journey across generations.

Within this body of work, I draw on the fears, the loves, the courage, and the hopes of the women and tūpuna in my life. Their example is a heritage that my children, and my children’s children, can embrace as a part of their identity with pride. But this is a story that is not just mine: this is a story common to women throughout the ages, from many similar cultures. It is a seasonal narrative that we can recognise and take heart in.

An important focus of my collection was repurposing used materials and textiles in a way that was still true to my Pasifika heritage, reflecting the compelling narrative of my forebears. Conscious of the unsustainable practices within the fashion industry, I was inspired by the simplicity of my mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and their ability to repurpose and recreate from whatever was at hand. These were items of beauty and I hope I have done their creativity some degree of justice.


Written by

Whakatane Museum and Arts

20 Apr 2021