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The Associates | A Stone to Strike and a Rock to Stumble Over

Susanne van Tuinen, Cluster 2, acrylic on aluminium, 2020
18 Apr 2021 to 18 Jun 2021
Daily 10am - 4pm, late night Wednesdays till 7pm
A group show by 15 Canterbury artists
Event type: 
Art, Craft
Ashburton Art Gallery
327 West Street Ashburton


The Associates are an affiliation of artists, representing a variety of disciplines, exchanging and sharing the knowledge and resources central to their art practice, its progress and professional career development. A Stone to Strike and a Rock to Stumble Over is a group exhibition of works by fifteen of The Associates in various media that includes: acrylic on aluminium, canvas and wool, flax, found objects, linoleum, oil on linen, acrylic on silver leaf panels, pencil, photography, pit-fired stoneware and hand-spun wool and watercolour.

A Stone to Strike and a Rock to Stumble Over acknowledges the irony of the distinct nature of each artist’s work cultivated within an affiliation of artists, and the reality of an artist’s practice as an open-ended journey that perpetually ebbs and flows between hesitation and realisation. The participating artists are: Sarah Anderson, Janneth Gil, Karen Greenslade, Lee Harper, Sarah Harper, Mikyung (Amelia) Jang, Viv Kepes, Stephanie McEwin, Gaby Montejo, Gaby Reade, Olivia Isabel Smith, Mark Soltero, Nicki Thorne, Akky van der Velde and Susanne van Tuinen.

ARTIST TALKS | 16 May 2021 | 2PM

EXHIBITION | 18 April – 18 June

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Ashburton Art Gallery

21 Apr 2021