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Jenny Tomlin - Lens Free

Jenny Tomlin - Hydrangea
Jenny Tomlin - Taraire in vase
Jenny Tomlin
21 May 2021 to 13 Jun 2021
Tues - Sun 10am to 4pm & open June 7th 10am to 4pm
Celebrating early analogue processes; pinhole, solargraphy and the lumen/photogram to investigate environmental transformations.
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition
The Upstairs Gallery
Level One, Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, AKL


Friday 21 May 6 - 7:30pm

in the gallery on Sunday 23 May 1pm

As a participating venue for the Auckland Festival of Photography we are thrilled to have for the first time, Jenny Tomlin's collection of works titled Lens Free.

Jenny works with early analogue techniques; pinhole, solargraphy and the lumen/photogram processes to investigate micro environmental transformations. The strenght of the light and the reaction of plant juices on the paper all contribute to a transformation.

"I'm celebrating early analogue photographic processes that either don't involve lenses (pinhole solargraphy) or are cameraless. I love the slowing down of the process, working with serendipity, and the surprise of an open outcome."

With the multitude of crisp sharp images captured with phones and camera lenses it is thrilling to see what Jenny is able to capture with a tiny pinhole in a sodapop can!
To understand exactly how Jenny is able to create such beautiful images without using a lens or camera, do come and listen to her artist talk and become obsessed with this early analogue process. The earliest recorded mention of a pinhole camera was as early as the fifth century BC, by the Mohist philosopher Mozi. 

On show through to the 13 June 2021.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm and Monday 7 June, 10am to 4pm.







Written by

The Upstairs Gallery

5 May 2021

The Upstairs Gallery is a community gallery with a light and airy space and boutique shop. We promote not only our established members, but new artists fresh to the arts scene.