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A voice workshop for actors with Kirstie O’Sullivan. Just $65 for 2 days.

The Actor’s Voice with Kirstie O’Sullivan
28 Aug 2021 to 29 Aug 2021
10am to 4pm Sat, 11am to 5pm Sun
A Level 1 workshop with internationally trained voice and performance coach Kirstie O’Sullivan
Event type: 
$65 (limited to those aged 18 and over)
Howick Little Theatre
1 Sir Lloyd Drive, Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga, Auckland



The Actor's Voice: Level 1 is a two-day experiential workshop that explores the interdependence of your voice, breath and body. 

As an actor, you must develop a physical, technical and creative understanding of your own voice. Having a connected, expressive and authentic voice is integral to sustaining a career as an actor on stage and screen.

The Actor's Voice: Level 1 will ensure you have the tools to effectively use your voice with stamina, freedom and flexibility in all areas of performance.

Your voice and how you communicate is a personal expression of who you are and how you work. This workshop will help you to identify and amplify your strong points and to identify and minimise any habits that keep you from speaking and communicating effectively.

During this foundation training you will learn how to:

  • Develop breath support, linking your breath with impulse and thought;
  • Align your body in order to fully support your voice;
  • Understand vocal health and have a basic understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology;
  • Assist the release of unnecessary physical and muscular tension, which may be impeding vocal power;
  • Connect physical relaxation and movement with vocal expression and release;
  • Access your emotional connection to your voice;
  • Investigate vocal range, resonance and reach;
  • Develop your articulators in order to explore the muscularity and power of language;
  • Release and express the power of words, using classical and contemporary texts.

This workshop is brought to you with the support of Creative Communities/Auckland Council.


You’ll Need: to bring lunch. Also laptop or pen and paper and a 2-3 minute monologue to work on.




Kirstie O'Sullivan is a voice and performance coach based in Auckland. She is Head of Voice for The Actors' Program and has coached voice for ATC, Silo Theatre, MASSIVE Company, Auckland Shakespeare Company and Pop-up Globe Theatre. Kirstie has also worked extensively with film and television production companies throughout Aotearoa. She regularly lectures in voice and communication training at Auckland and Waikato Universities and has been on the faculty of the annual New Zealand Law Society Litigation Skills programme since 2010. Kirstie is also Director of The Voice Practice which specialises in media and communication coaching, voice and performance coaching and business presentation skills.