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Get it on Stage

2 Aug 2021 to 9 Aug 2021
2 sessions 2nd and 9 August from 10am -12 noon
2 part digital workshop for folks looking to create and stage their own work
Event type: 
Theatre, Workshop/Seminar
$50 per participant


Want to create work for the stage? Let’s get started!


‘Get it on Stage’ is a 2 part digital workshop for folks looking to create and stage their own work.

It’s suitable for beginners or anyone looking to reboot their creative mojo.


Led by performer and writer Clare Marcie (, the workshop is divided into two parts:


Part 1: What do I want to create?

This section will be centred on the creation of a new work for stage. Participants may already have the seed of an idea, but it will also be suited to those who have nothing. This section will involve a mixture of writing prompts and facilitated discussion as we expand our imaginations and give ourselves permission to dream up something new.

Part 2: How do I get my creation on stage?

This section will be focussed on the practical mahi involved in getting your work on stage and in front of an audience. We'll explore the various pathways towards getting your work out there, and a facilitated discussion will cover subjects such as: building a creative team, identifying mentors, exploring funding options and developing relationships with venues. There will also be time for a Q & A at the end of this session. 


There are only 6 slots available (and one slot’s already been nabbed) so get in quick if you’re keen to start the process of making and staging your own work.  Email

Written by

Joy - Operations, The Big Idea

30 Jun 2021