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Colville ART Show 2021

Motumahanga Sextet
2 Oct 2021 to 10 Oct 2021
10am – 4pm Daily
Exhibiting work from artists who live and work in the rural north of the Coromandel peninsula.
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition
Colville Hall
2310 Colville Road, Colville, Northern Coromandel


Artists exhibiting in this group show work in a range of disciplines including painting, pottery, feather painting, jewellery, weaving, wood work and fabric art.

Artists include;

Michael Smither

Lindsay Garmson

Tracy Johnson

Rod MacLeod

Louise Penberthy

Nici Greulich

Sam Ireland

Vonny Ball

Graeme Fraser

Briar van Dort

Steve Carson

Baerbel Schulze

Jane McAllister

Greg Taylor

Written by

Colville Community

17 Sep 2021