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VATS Medea Poster
6 Oct 2021 to 8 Oct 2021
6 October to 8 October 7:30pm
Colchian sorceress Medea plots hideous revenge on her former husband Jason, with consequences more tragic than ever imagined...
Event type: 
Live event, Show, Theatre
$10 concession, $15 full
Memorial Theatre
Student Union Building Kelburn Parade Kelburn Wellington 6012


"Great wrongs cannot stay hidden; they want reckoning…”


“I did it all for savage, raging love…..”


“Blind is the fire kindled by anger, and it does not care for a ruler, or suffer restraint, or fear death: it longs to go into the face of war itself."


The Victoria Ancient Theatre Society's Medea is a new adaptation from Euripides and Seneca, adapted by our directors Rebecca Drummond and Rebecca Scholtz. Medea is one of the most famous Ancient Greek plays and VATS' adaptation will not disappoint, mixing the dark sorcery of Seneca's Medea with Euripides' characterisation and social commentary. The play, a fresh, vibrant, translation by Victoria University students, is both modern and true to its source material. 

Abandoned by her husband Jason, notorious sorceress Medea plots vengeance on him and his new bride. However, her revenge goes further than her husband and his wife, as she sets her eyes on her own children. But is she a mother or a vengeful wife? A helpless woman or a dangerous sorceress? A downtrodden beggar or a princess? All these things come to light, as, under the eyes of the gods, Medea grapples with a central tenet of Greek society—to be grievous to your enemies and kind to your friends.

Medea is VATS' eighth annual production, continuing a proud tradition of accessible, student-produced, ancient theatre. Previous productions include Menander's Dyskolos (2020) and Aeschylus' Agamemnon (2019). 

VATS will present its 2021 production of Medea from the 6th-8th October, in the Memorial Theatre (Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus), at 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm). The Memorial Theatre is wheelchair accessible from level 3 of the Student Union Building. Tickets are $15 full and $10 concession and can be booked at There will be limited door sales.

Written by

Victoria Ancient Theatre Society

20 Sep 2021