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Into the Jungle: How to Create Innovative Theatre

30 Oct 2021
Saturday 30 October 9.30am - 1.00pm
Write Boundary Breaking Theatre - an inspiring half-day masterclass with playwright Gary Henderson
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Earlybird $95.00 - General $155.00
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What is theatre? What does writing it entail?

And how are playwrights bound by the defining characteristics of theatre writing?

Maybe they aren't...

Using exercises and provocations award-winning playwright Gary Henderson takes participants through an exciting process of discovering the possibilities and rules to break when writing for theatre.

Instead of asking "what does theatre look like?" he asks "what else can theatre look like?"

Join us to demystify the creation of theatre and be challenged by a new understanding of what theatre can be.

About Workshop Tutor: Gary Henderson

Gary is an award-winning New Zealand playwright , dramaturg, director and theatre writing teacher whose work is produced and published locally and internationally . He has taught courses at Unitec, AUT, Auckland University, and the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University.

His most recent premiere was his acclaimed sci-fi thriller “Shepherd” at the Court Theatre in 2015. His latest plays include The “Breath of Silence” for the Court Theatre and an adaptation “Things That Matter” for Auckland Theatre Company – opening at the ASB Theatre soon... (Download Full Bio HERE)

"I learned everything I know about writing plays from Gary - his teaching is clear and so practical which is one of the reasons we invited him to be a guest tutor. In fact my lastest play "The Campervan" was born during one of his excellent classes." Kathryn Burnett ( Mike & Virginia, Bowled Over, The Campervan.)

And if you'd like to pay for this course in installments - no problem - get in touch -

In the Into The Jungle workshop you will:

    • Explore different and innovative theatrical forms.
    • Question the expectation of what theatre is, and what the job of writing for theatre entails.
    • Learn to challenge traditional expectations of theatre.
    • Ask - what does a script look like for a kind of live performance that doesn't exist yet?
    • Learn how to explore the writing of innovative theatre
    • Learn what theatre may or may not look like in the future.

Zoom attendance link will be sent to participants on the day before the workshop.

Facilitator: Gary Henderson, presented by Beginner's Guide Writing Workshops

Written by

Kathryn Burnett

1 Oct 2021