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Language of the Heart

Language of the Heart
MW Calligraphy
MW Calligraphy
Salam (Peace)
1 Nov 2021 to 7 Nov 2021
1 to 6pm, Monday 1 November to Sunday 7 November
Come and witness the jaw-dropping Islamic artworks inspired by traditional and modern Islamic art.
Event type: 
Art, Cultural, Exhibition
Queens Gate Mall
Cnr Queens Drive and Bunny Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand


Arabic is one of the ancient languages and has a deep significance for Muslims all over the world. Islamic art throughout history has always been a unique blend of sacredness, simplicity and richness, which has left an everlasting impact and has inspired millions of people around the globe. Come and witness the jaw-dropping Islamic artworks inspired by traditional and modern Islamic art.

Wellington based artists Muhammad Waqas @mw.calligraphyart and Sameera Waqas have created stunning pieces that are a mix of traditional and contemporary calligraphy. The last few years we have been pursuing our love for Art and Arabic calligraphy quite actively. We have painted various Art and Arabic calligraphy pieces which have been appreciated by the Muslims and local community. Some of our art pieces were displayed at Wellington Museum.

Islamic art is unique and it’s quite rare in New Zealand. Our aim is to show the unique beauty of Arabic language by combining local art styles and Arabic calligraphy. We believe it is not necessary to understand the Arabic language or any language to understand and praise a piece of art.

We portray traditional calligraphy but with a bold and modern twist that makes the letters transform into swift figures with effortless movement that dance on paper. The emotion evoked through the simple movement of lines, the balance of composition, and the contrast between vivid colors and white background, all contribute to the beautiful wholeness of our work.

Arabic calligraphy is also called Visual Dhikr, which uses the Arabic word “Dhikr” meaning to remember and reflect, in order to infuse spiritual reminders in a visually striking form. The words often used in our artworks are Islamic verses that help people remember and be reminded of their religion and spirituality, and the execution of these pieces give a depth of feeling which makes our work something truly enchanting.

One of the most recent works by Waqas and Sameera was “51”. 51 painting was done to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Christchurch mosques attacks. 51 was displayed in Wellington Museum and the Beehive. You can find more details on our website

Looking forward seeing you at our exhibition.


Written by

Muhammad Waqas

4 Oct 2021