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Connected Exhibition Opening Night

18 Dec 2021
4 to 7pm Saturday 18 December
Connected Exhibition is a series of paintings bonded by spiritual and abstract relationships.
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition, Wine & Food
The Wharf Gallery
4/92 Wallis Street Raglan Raglan Wharf
Online, Waikato


As artists, Fatu and Sally are linked together by their friendship and by their common story of life surrounded by water, sky and their own cultures, Fatu in Samoa and Sally in Australia and America then both in New Zealand.

Their abstract connection on this show is similar to water finding it’s own level, the respect of each other’s culture, the realisation that we can live side by side and create a balance and safe community for the future of our people.

Both artists are showing work that represents their culture and their personal development, and clearly shows their feeling of being connected.

Written by

the wharf gallery raglan

12 Oct 2021