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Break Bread

30 Nov 2021 to 19 Dec 2021
30 November – 19 December
This show is not a Zoom call.
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$15 – $25
Streaming online at


A new Silo commission.

Created by Alice Canton, Freya Finch and Leon Wadham, with Jarod Rawiri

This show is not a Zoom call.

Watch as four of the naughtiest theatre-makers in Aotearoa dare to perform a millennia-spanning epic of triumph over disaster from the (dis)comfort of their own homes.

Streaming from the exhilarating pandemonium of four homes, BREAK BREAD broadcasts the rambunctious hidden lives of all of us: Alice is baking twenty-two loaves a day to cope, while Tom is on the brink, sweeping his issues underneath the rug, which are piling higher than the frayed ends allow. Scotty insists he is thriving, surrounded by rotting fermented fruits and a dodgy-looking sourdough starter, while Freya is all-consumed by an obsessive affinity for the Titanic’s insignificant, deceased baker.

Take a seat at your table as this ambitious theatre experience meets you where you are, at home. Here, Alice, Tom, Scotty and Freya will come together on screen, unveiling a window into the lives of everyone else.

Debaucherous, cheeky and triumphant, BREAK BREAD depicts four performers’ pursuit of theatrical victory, whilst under the constant threat of the State of Things.

BREAK BREAD is recommended for mature audiences, and contains explicit sexual references, adult themes and language.

Tickets will be on sale for BREAK BREAD from November 9 at Further booking information to come.

Written by

Elephant Publicity

27 Oct 2021