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The Super Special Disability Roadshow

10 Mar 2022 to 27 Mar 2022
Digital Access
What’s it like to be disabled in 2022?
Event type: 
Festival, Film, Theatre


Find out in this hilarious, heart-warming, and delightfully honest multimedia show, presented online, for all ages. Embracing the digital era, Rob and Sal are testing out a new, high-tech version of their roadshow, which teaches audiences what it’s like for disabled people in today’s world. All seems to be going well for the two hosts...until the younger crew sets them straight!

Drawing on stories and experiences of disabled children and adults, this rousing musical show explores what it means to be disabled and how different generations of disabled people feel about their identities.
A smart, energising and nuanced experience – perfect for anyone eager to grow their understanding and explore how we talk about disability.

Recommended for 8+

This production was originally recorded in the United Kingdom and is interpreted in British Sign Language. Closed Captions are automatically available on this stream.

Written by

Auckland Arts Festival

16 Nov 2021