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Jana Wood, Oil on Board, 210x200
Jana Wood, Oil on Linen, 465x365
Jana Wood, Oil on recycled canvas, 475x350
Judith Lawson, Acrylic, Oil and found materials on canvas 1100x1100
Judith Lawson, Acrylic, Spray paint and Oil on canvas 1600x880
Judith Lawson Oil and Ink on board with found marine debris and plastics. 120 x 80
Jana Wood, Oil on board 2 200x200
26 Nov 2021 to 5 Dec 2021
Friday 26 November-Sunday 5th December 11-3pm
AFLOAT - Group show at Arthaus Contemporary
Event type: 
Arthaus Contemporary Orakei Bay Village
228 Orakei Road, Remuera Auckland


Group show at Arthaus Contemporary 

Works by Judith Lawson and Jana Wood (Toipoto)

With Milvia Romici and Penny Hacking


Four artists respond to a period of lockdown, trying to make sense of a different way of being, maintaining their art practices while living in what feels like an in-between time, treading water and staying afloat. 


Judith Lawson works with found materials in painting. She considers the strangeness of being in lockdown, the rush of humanity to protect itself, to wear masks, to dispose of millions of them by the minute, and to continue with gross over consumption and waste. 


Jana Wood has moved to a small West Coast town to live and paint during Covid.  Her painting practice has slowed, as life has paused during these last couple of years.  She has had more time to contemplate nature, weather patterns, and the seasons.



Written by

Dina Jezdic

24 Nov 2021

Dina is a curator of contemporary art and Smart Talk/LATE series at Auckland Museum. She is pursuing a doctorate in the area of Serving Society: Creating Equity, Diversity and Justice focusing on research within arts and culture.