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Seeking new members for theMahurangi Artist's Network and Studio Trail

Mahurangi Artist Network
30 Apr 2022 to 30 Apr 2023
1 May 22 to 30 April 23
Join your local artist and creative network, get involved, get noticed.
Event type: 
Art, Craft, Exhibition
Mahurangi Area
Online, Auckland


All artists, performers and creatives living or working in the Mahurangi area (roughly from Puhoi to Wellsford) are invited to join our Mahurangi Artist Network (MAN). As a group of local artists and makers we have been organising networking events and an annual open studio trail for 4 years and all of our exhisting members are keen to see even more creatives joining. We have developed this group through our common need for:
Support: Working alone may be great but can also be a lonely business.  Joining MAN will allow you to become connected, be able to reach out to others in the group and receive support from people who understand and who are also walking the walk. Enhance your art by connecting with other like-minded makers and artists. Exchange ideas, news and, opportunities about work.
Exposure: Opportunities for showing work in the area may be limited, so chances to develop opportunities to show work, lead workshops, etc, is both validating and necessary. The MAN allows us to help each other, to enhance the profile of the arts in the region, to draw in visitors and potential buyers. The philosophy has to be – ‘the more going on, the better for everyone’. It is not a matter of competition, it is an issue of getting as many events and people visiting as possible. This will lead to our region being known as a destination for the arts. More MAN members, more energy for events, more visitors, more buyers, more workshop participants, more artists taking part – a virtuous circle! 
Encouragement: We all need a bit of this, whether we are early, mid or late-career artists, part-time or full-time. Imagine how much more enthusiasm you can generate if you have the ability to interact with peers who are able to comment knowledgeably on your ideas or output? Wouldn’t that be great! 
Networking: As individuals within a network we are able to enable each other and perhaps in future be able to expand our connections to other groups in other regions. 

For just $60.00 Annual Membership we provide:
Website profile:the Mahurangi Artist Network website is continuing to grow and develop; site visits are way up, and it is becoming the go-to website for artists within the Mahurangi region. 
MAN newsletters: an opportunity for your profile and art practice to be featured within one of the regular newsletters.
Network Gatherings:regular gatherings are planned for the upcoming year with studio visits and creative business / art conversations and workshops among other things.
Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail: Scheduled for Waitangi Weekend 2023 (4th, 5th & 6th February 2023 and the following weekend (11th & 12th February 2023).  Participation in the Trail is optional for current Network members.


Written by

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

29 Apr 2022

Interests As an English person newly arrived in New Zealand, I have been really excited to be able to find so many artistic outlets in NZ. As a practicing artist I am hoping to meet other artists, join groups and exhibit widely.