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Sex Workers of Aotearoa - ART EXHIBITION

11 Jun 2022 to 26 Jun 2022
June 11th to 26th; 10am to 5pm daily
An art exhibition showcasing the 'Day in the Life of' a sex worker, by sex workers themselves.
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition
Academy Galleries (NZAFA)
1 Queens Wharf, Wellington


Running for its fourth year - Sex Workers of Aotearoa; A Day in the Life of - is an annual art exhibition in which all art has been created by current or past sex workers. The artwork is for sale, showcasing various mediums; photography, ink, paint, mixed media, cross-stitch, sculpture, poetry and more.

No person experiences in the adult industry in the same way, and this is reflected in the diverse range of topics being explored. From intimacy, empowerment, loneliness, objectification, to clientele, stigma, disabilities, and the male gaze, there's layers of this multifaceted industry to be explored with every art work.

The aim is to challenge public stigmas and stereotypes, to create discourse about the nuances of sex work and to give voice to sex workers across New Zealand, free from media agenda.


Written by

Sex Workers of Aotearoa

1 Jun 2022