Doing digital right(s)

By working through Tim Riley's Generator article and exercises, you’ll be on your way to understanding how to manage your digital rights.


You’re not global tech companies or major label record companies.  And if you are, you don’t need Tim Riley's help or advice on Digital Rights Management (DRM).  In this month's Generator, he's focused on creative entrepreneurs who make digital content and need to understand how to manage their stuff online.

He starts with an overview of what DRM means and how it might be seen in different creative genres.

Managing your digital rights effectively really means managing someone else to do that for you for the purpose of selling, exhibiting, or otherwise using your work - this is a position of trust. And you need to do some checking - there are some key questions to ask.

Then in the exercises Tim guides you through managing any rights you have issued (a spreadsheet will help manage this) and he offers his hot tips to negotiating a good deal around licensing your rights.

By working through Tim’s article and exercises, as well as the other resources on Generator this month, you’ll be on the way towards understanding how to manage your digital rights. Combine this with Tim's previous Generator material on Intellectual Property and you're off to a good start.

Tim will also be joining us online to answer your questions on our Generator topic... “I'm thinking about showing and selling online. Someone told me about digital rights management. What's that?”


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Arts Regional Trust

17 Jul 2012

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