Back from the Brink

To survive and even better thrive, creative businesses must adapt while still remaining true to their core.


Bringing the beaver back from the brink at Yellowstone National Park may seem to have little to do with adaptation and diversifying your creative business.  In the latest Generator, Rob Garrett uses this analogy to show how important it is that creative businesses look to diversify. 

You are your business and it is your vocational choice. It’s not just a job you can quit or a business you can flick off. Therefore to survive and thrive, creative businesses must adapt while still remaining true to their core.

Rob discusses three reasons to diversify; growth, robustness and stimulus and then talks about the what, the where and the who of diversification.

We also hear from Jessica Hansell, aka Coco Solid, who has one of those (oh to be envied) diversified careers. Making music, freelancing, writing and her own self-publishing projects as well as studying for her Masters means she’s well qualified to talk about a career that spans a number of disciplines that is based on what she loves.

Don’t let the fact that we have talked about business put you off.  As Rob says, “Many creatives don’t think of themselves in business; but if you are making a living or seek to make a living through your creative endeavours, where you are not an employee of someone else, then for the purpose of this article, you are in business.

"Thinking of your endeavours as 'business' will help you unlock some of the secrets you need to discover to help you enjoy your creative enterprise for a long time; and to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of your creative talent making you a good living.”

I want to do what I love, but also, do more than make ends meet. How do I make this work?


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Arts Regional Trust

22 May 2012

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