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Transmedia NZ's Fiona Milburn has put together an interactive timeline of insights, people, and links from her recent attendance at StoryWorld 2012 in Los Angeles.


In the latest Transmedia NZ blog, Fiona Milburn reports back from StoryWorld 2012 in Los Angeles with an interactive timeline of insights, people and links from the global transmedia community.

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In July of last year, I was lucky enough to attend Jeff Gomez’s Transmedia Masterclass in Melbourne.  Jeff is at the forefront of this fast growing field, and very generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge.  That said, it is a piece of Jeff’s incidental advice that sticks out most clearly in my memories from that event.

Jeff encouraged anyone wanting to become a Transmedia Producer to first go out and read everything there was on the subject.  He said transmedia storytelling was still young enough for this to be possible, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long.  It was timely advice as I’m pretty sure that this is no longer the case.

However, what is still possible, is to get many of transmedia’s thought leaders and innovative practitioners into the same room, at the same time.  Yes, they’ll argue about terminology, but they’ll also be amazingly generous with their knowledge and expertise. 

One such room could be found at the recent StoryWorld Conference where the global transmedia community gathered to share tips on developing immersive experiences, lasting story worlds, and new business practices across multiple platforms.

Speakers ranged from Damon Lindelof, creator of the TV series Lost, to Chinese Language Educator, Jess McCulloch, talking about everything from The Mystery of Authorship to Igniting the Imagination and Achieving Blockbuster and Evergreen in the Age of Pervasive Media

Their knowledge and expertise easily translates to the burgeoning New Zealand transmedia environment.  No matter what your budget, new tools and business models make multiplatform storytelling and production techniques accessible and easily scalable … in either direction.

I’ve put together a timeline of insights, people, and links so you can “go deep” in exploring the cutting edge of transmedia practice. 

View the full StoryWorld Conference notes and insights in the Timeline, using the scroll bar.  To read key take outs from each speaker, or session, click on the “event bubbles”.  Or view it page-by-page by clicking on Flipbook.

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Transmedia NZ

1 Nov 2012

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