A taste of FixTV

Video interview: Transmedia NZ's Anna Jackson talks to creative producer Mark Westerby about working across platforms with FixTV, Wellington's first live studio and web TV chat show.


In a series of video interviews by Anna Jackson, creative producer Mark Westerby shares the challenges and rewards of working across platforms to create FixTV, Wellington's first live studio and web TV chat show.

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FixTV is a magazine style web TV show hosted by adopted Wellingtonian and multi-instrumentalist Adam Page and produced as a collaboration between Cuba Creative, Downstage and Random films.

Episodes are filmed in front of a live studio audience at Downstage in Wellington and are available to view online via Facebook and Vimeo.

Here's a taste of what FixTV has to offer:

FixTV: Episode3 Part1 - TASTE Rachel Taulelei from Cuba Creative on Vimeo.

Anna Jackson spoke to FixTV creative producer, Mark Westerby, about the challenges and rewards of working across platforms, and what excites him about working with new technologies.

  • Part 1: What is FixTV?

  • Part 2: How do you satisfy a live studio audience and an online audience?

  • Part 3: What have you learned from making FixTV?

  • Part 4: Why is Facebook the online home for FixTV?

  • Part 5: Audiences

  • Part 6: What does it mean to be a Creative Producer?

The final episode for the year will be filmed live on Thursday 13 December. Tickets are available for admission as part of the live studio audience from the Downstage website prior to the taping of each episode.

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Transmedia NZ

21 Nov 2012

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