Into the Future

With plenty to celebrate, and some challenges to face, we look into the future. Share what you think about the future challenges and opportunities.


With plenty to celebrate, and some challenges to face, we look Into the Future.

During The Big Idea's 10th birthday in 2012 we asked creatives, “What are some of the opportunities and challenges for the next decade?” Tell us what you think!

To get you thinking, here are a few of the responses.

At this time of great change for the planet and for humanity, we need stories that uplift, and give hope for our collective future, especially for our youth.

Already we are seeing many productive opportunities opening up between Arts and Science, Design Culture, and Creative Industries.

Creating a viable, sustainable future is perhaps our most pressing challenge right now. The Arts must, and I believe will play a key role in this transition period (the next decade). Dance (and all its collaborators) can be a leading light for this new generation.

A decade is a very long time in the start-up universe.

For New Zealand, the real opportunity and challenge is going to be to capitalise on the weightless economy, moving from more traditional physical commodities to producing valuable software, content, games, and other digital products.

That involves getting more closely connected on a person-to-person and business-to-business to the rest of the world. We need to find a balance between enjoying our isolation and participating and integrating with the rest of the world, whilst retaining our local integrity and character.

It won't be easy, but it's our collective job to make it happen.

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The Big Idea Editor

12 Dec 2012

The Big Idea Editor Cathy Aronson is a journalist, photo journalist and digital editor.

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