Ten years of big ideas

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To find out where we have been, how we have grown and where the future might take us, The Big Idea invites you to read 'Celebrating the first decade | 2001 to 2011'.


From the germ of an idea to a site that, last year, had over 1,000,000 pages viewed, The Big Idea and you [our community] have much to celebrate.

Based in New Zealand and an idea before its time, www.thebigidea.co.nz is where people find the tools, networks, opportunities and inspiration to grow their "big ideas" into viable careers, projects and businesses in the creative sector.

As a community, we've listed over 26,000 jobs and other opportunities and over 23,000 events since The Big Idea began in 2001.

Sandi Morrison [one of our Foundation Trustees] says, "We launched The Big Idea website not knowing whether New Zealanders would adopt it - it was a leap of faith. We've grown by word of mouth and our community has become increasingly digitally savvy."

Now an institution, The Big Idea is an essential piece of infrastructure that offers broad views of New Zealand's creative ecology and all that makes it hum.

For the future, Sandi says, "Our thinking for the next 10 years is focused on pushing the boundaries to expand opportunities, markets and services for the arts, creative people and New Zealand's economy".

For more about where we have been, how we have grown and where the future might take us, we invite you to read 'Celebrating the first decade | 2001 to 2011 - the bigidea.co.nz', made possible by the generous sponsorship of Hawkins&Co and Soar Printing.

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The Big Idea Charitable Trust

3 Oct 2012

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