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Design team WOWs awards

Delight of Light - Yuru Ma, Mengyue Wu - China - 2012 - Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award Winner
Delight of Light - Yuru Ma, Mengyue Wu - China - 2012 - Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award Winner
Revive - Mengyue Wu, Yuru Ma - China
Spider Feast - Chan See Lik, Chan Yuet Foon - Hong Kong
Marquise Rawahi - Beatrice Carlson - Auckland
Shanachie For Lost Birds - Jo Drysdall - Christchurch
Shaker Suit - Erica Gray - Australia
Epicentre Divas - Claire Third - Christchurch
La Danse Macabre - Mercy Brewer - Auckland
Noor Reverie - Rebecca Maxwell - Wellington
A Shanghai-based design team have won four top awards at the 2012 World of WearableArt Awards Show.


A Shanghai-based design team have won four top awards at the 2012 Brancott Estate World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards Show, marking the first time the same designers have won this number of awards in one show, taking home NZ$42,000 in prizes.

At the WOW Awards ceremony in Wellington on September 28, 37 designers won awards, with a further 11 designers achieving an Honorable Mention.

The 2012 WOW Supreme winning entry is Delight of Light, and the WOW Supreme Runner Up is Revive – both of which are created by a design team of two fashion students from Donghua University in Shanghai, Yuru Ma and Mengyue Wu. These garments also won top placing in their sections.

WOW Founder Dame Suzie Moncrieff says it is the first time that the same designers have won four top awards in the same year.

“During the WOW judging process, we are only told the entry’s name and its inspiration, so we were very surprised when we found out that Yuru and Mengyue were the designers for both the Supreme Winner and Runner Up,” she says. “It is an extraordinary accomplishment, especially when it is their first time entering WOW. Their talent is astounding, and I am confident they will be designers to look out for in the future.”

Dame Suzie says the China-based degree students’ interest in WOW this year follows recent visits she and WOW Competition Director Heather Palmer made to their universities to promote the WOW competition and showcase WearableArt as a tangible project for aspiring designers.

“Developing good relationships with design, art and fashion students, and showing them how WOW can help launch their careers, is an important strategy for WOW,” she says. “We are pleased to be hosting representatives of Donghua University and Hong Kong Design Institute at this year’s show to continue building on these partnerships around the globe.

“Many tertiary students who have entered WOW in the past have gone on to work in the film and fashion industries. WOW gives them an opportunity to step outside of the normal commercial constraints and to push the boundaries of their art.”

Dame Suzie says all the winners this year have shown an inherent understanding of design and craftsmanship that optimises a quality that is expected in WOW.

“The 2012 winners have shown outstanding artistic brilliance in creating original and innovative works,” she says. “On behalf of this year’s judges, I would like to congratulate all the winners.”

In 2012, there were a total of 164 garments by 168 designers chosen as finalists. Nineteen of the 35 awards went to New Zealand-designed garments, and 16 were won by garments designed by international designers:

2012 Brancott Estate WOW Winners

WOW Supreme Award

  • First/Winner: Delight of Light by Yuru Ma and Mengyue Wu, Students, Shanghai, China.
  • Second/Runner Up: Revive by Mengyue Wu and Yuru Ma, Students, Shanghai, China.
  • American Express Open Section
  • First/Winner: Delight of Light by Yuru Ma and Mengyue Wu, Students, Shanghai.
  • Second/Runner Up: Totally Sheepish by Sarah Peacock, Hospital Attendant, Te Kuiti.
  • Third/Commended: Dragged through a Hedge by Gillian Saunders, Artists / designer, Nelson.
  • Honorable Mention: Pasifik Tribal Guardians by Chris Van Doren, Artist, Auckland.
  • Honorable Mention: Miss Tiffany by Chris Wilson, Director, Wellington.

Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde Section

  • First/Winner: Revive by Mengyue Wu and Yuru Ma, Students, Shanghai, China.
  • Second/Runner Up: In the Op by Ling Lai Kit Ling, Student, Hong Kong.
  • Third/Commended: Retro Futuristic by Raymond Lau, Student, Hong Kong.
  • Honorable Mention: It’s all About Money by Timmy Lee Yun Ho, Designer, Hong Kong.
  • Honorable Mention: Floating by Tao Wang and Ying Zhang, Students, Shanghai, China.

Mainfreight Duffy Books Children’s Section

  • First/Winner: Spider Feast by Chan See Lik and Chan Yuet Foot, Prop Makers, Hong Kong.
  • Second/Runner Up: The Mummy & My Mummy by Ya Ting Yang, Student, Taiwan.
  • Third/Commended: Holey Moley by Ann Skelly, Artist, Wellington.

Air New Zealand South Pacific Section

  • First/Winner: Marquise Rawahi by Beatrice Carlson, New media artist and designer, Auckland.
  • Second/Runner Up: Harpagornis by Jan Ubels, Set builder, Auckland.
  • Third/Commended: Powelliphanta Pine by Sally Spackman, Massey Student, Wellington.
  • Honorable Mention: Green Green Grass by Sally Blyth, Artist, designer and writer, Auckland.
  • Honorable Mention: Taniwha Aboard by Kayla Christensen, Massey Student, Paraparaumu.

CentrePort Illumination Illusion Section

  • First/Winner: Shanachie for Lost Birds by Jo Drysdall, Librarian, Christchurch.
  • Second/Runner Up: Laser GaGa by Janice Elliot, Artist, Christchurch.
  • Third/Commended: The Great Illusionist by Cassandra Thomson and Coral Bowe, Nelson.

Gen-i Creative Excellence Section: Theme ‘Visual Symphony’

  • First/Winner: Shaker Suit by Erica Gray from the Gold Coast, Sculptor, Australia.
  • Second/Runner Up: Bells for her by Sean Purucker, Costume fabricator, California, USA.
  • Third/Commended: Ghungroo by Pronoy Kapoor, Assistant Designer, Jaipur, India.
  • Honorable Mention: Rain by Jennie Munro, School support staff, Palmerston North.
  • Honorable Mention: Tribal Dancers by Luiz Fernando Sereno Penna, After school programme manager, Auckland.

WOW & Classic Car Museum Bizarre Bra Section

  • First/Winner: Epicentre Divas by Claire Third, Taxidermist, Christchurch.
  • Second/Runner Up: Two Barb Bra, With Love by Sue Newby and Bruce Haliday, Auckland.
  • Third/Commended: Party Line by Angela Leong, Accountant, Wellington.
  • Honorable Mention: Typecast Donna by Allfrey, Painter, Christchurch.
  • Honorable Mention: Jantar Mantar by Khadimul Islam, Freelancer, Hemtabad, India.

Booker Spalding First Time Entrant Award

  • First/Winner: La Danse Macabre by Mercy Brewer, Costumier, Auckland.
  • Second/Runner Up: Lunar Duo by Denise Laurie, Designer, Invercargill.

WOW Factor Award

  • First/Winner: Noor Reverie by Rebecca Maxwell, Fashion Consultant, Wellington.
  • Second/Runner Up: The Glamour Card by Jaswant Daranga and Nilmani Kumar, Students, New Delhi, India.

Weta Award

  • First/Winner: Velociraptor! by Milada Adams, Costume Maker, Mermaid Beach, Australia.
  • Second/Runner Up: aBRAcalypse Now by Wendy Moyer, Textile Artist, Mexico.

Wellington International Award

  • First/Winner: Beast in the Beauty by David Walker, Carpenter, Alaska, USA.
  • Second/Runner Up: Legend of Darkness by Ying Zhang and Tao Wang, Students, Shanghai, China.

Shell Student Innovation Award

  • First/Winner: Rise from the Ruins by Nicole Linnell, Massey Student, Wellington.
  • Second/Runner Up: My Maria by Caitlin Brogan, Student, Auckland.

Shell Sustainability Award

  • First/Winner: City Lolita by Deborah Shepherd, Teacher, Paeroa.
  • Second/Runner Up: VCR by Christopher Davis, Fashion Student, Auckland.

Source: WOW

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2 Oct 2012

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