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Gasmask By Vinnie
Looking for amazing T-Shirt Illustrations $1000 for limited edition design.


Jam Two Fifty an online clothing boutique dedicated to bringing you the best of the best in T-Shirt design. Talented independent artists showcase their unique T-Shirt prints for you to buy. With only 250 copies of each print made, you can invest in a limited edition Tee that is guaranteed to stand out amongst the crowd.

We like the world we live in, so we’ve taken steps to make sure we’re not polluting it with our product. We use 100% organic cotton tees and recycled products for our packaging. What’s more, we’re keeping it local by using award winning 100% New Zealand owned screen printers.

The humble Tee is a staple piece in Men and Women’s Clothing, so it makes a great gift. Save yourself time and energy traipsing through the mall in search of the perfect Tee; browse our collection in seconds. $44.95 is a great price for a designer t-shirt.

Like to try your hand at designing a print? Enter your design and win $1000 if 250 of your Tees sell. How’s that for an hourly rate? Join the T-Shirt revolution. Make a visual statement with Jam250.

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7 Nov 2011

Interests JAM250 Earn $1000 NZ Dollars designing a limited edition Tee.