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Maybe an escapee from steampunk asylum?


Maybe an escapee from steampunk asylum?

This outfit combines an investigation of mine in mental health and how people are treated now and also have been treated in the past – some of which makes the mind boggle. I have a range of strait jacket inspired knitwear

Technical Information: 

<p></p><p><span lang="EN-GB">Hand knitted jersey</span></p><ul><li><span lang="EN-GB">Handkniited in pure wool - could be described as 'karitane' gold - with aubergine ribbon threaded down the sleeves and on the back... $330<br /></span></li></ul><p></p><p><span lang="EN-GB"></span><span lang="EN-GB">Bustle shorts</span></p><ul><li><span lang="EN-GB">a recyclers dream - 'karitane' gold net curtain fabric from the 70's [glad my mum never went there]. That's the top layer, underneath there's layers of tulle and an aubergine satinised lining [for modesty and to prevent itch from the netting]. $200<br /></span></li></ul>

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Written by

Margaret Lewis

22 Nov 2012