Emerge - Winter 2011

Traverse Dress with Pom Pom Scarf
Pretty Pleats Skirt & Polo Please Darling Top
Swing It Sister - 100% Merino Swing Coat
Butterfly Effect Dress & Traverse Dress
A Certain Flare Pant & Polo Please Darling Top
Butterfly Effect & The Scoop Dress
JUST RELEASED - Winter 2011 range - Emerge by REVEL


With all that’s happening globally at present it is little wonder that people want to hunker down and cocoon during the cooler months.  But the winter 2011 collection from REVEL will make you want to Emerge from your fashion chrysalis and celebrate everything that is gorgeous, no matter what the weather.  “This range is all about fighting the desire to hide away during winter,” says designer Leanne Mulcahy. “The garments are made of merino so they offer superior warmth and that comfort factor,” she says. “Yet the colours and designs were specifically chosen to make a bold statement and encourage the wearer to feel confident in their look.” 

Covetable and intelligent designs put a modern twist on classic silhouettes and come in hues such as aubergine, moss and ruby, alongside key neutrals and basic monochromes. Merino and Merino blends are staple fabrics, utilizing the drape, flow, comfort and functionality that only such a versatile fibre can offer. “The range is suited to relaxed styling as well as corporate or smart dressing,” says Mulcahy. “It contains pieces that can be worn in different situations and environments, and with the new range of Essentials, designed to cleverly intertwine with the seasonal ranges,Revelprovides a one-stop solution for the woman short on time to be stylish and sexy no matter what life throws at her,” she says.
This winter, Emerge in your Revel garments and take on the world!
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REVEL Design

22 Feb 2011