The entwined cultural heritage of Mt Manganui

Symbiotic Mt Manganui
The modern day visual analogy of the symbiotic relationships that play a culterally significant role to Mt Manganui. Economically & spiritually.


The resilience of the maori way of life is still existant to this day, dispite the influence of western ideals & infrastructure in the region. The figure coloured grey in foreground represents the mix of black & white cultural diversity that have given birth to generations of culturally proud New Zealanders, the mixture of herbal knowledge held by the maori, the influence of religion brought by the Pakeha are just a few examples of how aspects of each have been brought together to create the existance today.

It is a culterally significant place for local Iwi who still retell the storey of their ancestors first colonising this area, rarely will you find a mountain so close to the ocean. Here I captured the spiritual meaning this land has to the people who first called it their home, the butterfly's symbolise two organisms of the same species living symbioticlly with the land, a paradise of opportunity & freedom that have become home to 2 seperate cultures, overtime they have learned embrace each other's culture to become one. New Zealand's people have achieved more than they are conciously aware of, in contrast to other countries who tried to achieve the same else where in the world, however did not arrive at the same success. 

Written by

Ashley Thompson

25 Jul 2014