The warning signs

The warning signs
when your warned of the road ahead, you take measures to preprare, but what is about to come, no amount of preparation can help you.


The path of life is full of unexpected twists and turns, one minute the sun is shining and you feel prepared for anything, next minute it doesn't just rain, it pours.  I swear to god you can never be warned and with or without that umbrella nature is still guna take it's course. This peice reflects hindz sight, a wonderful thing and if only it worked in reverse, but wouldn't that make life boring? Knowing what is about to come takes the excitement out of the unforeseen. So we must be vigilant to spot 'the warning signs' in our working lives, our relationships and in the thick of the moment, to help us prepare for what is about to come. 

Through my experience the best way to deal with this is to roll with the punches, adapt in the moment, the time for reflection comes in the wake of recovery.

Written by

Ashley Thompson

29 Jul 2014