Surrender to peace

Surrender to peace
Hateful grudges= war, compassionate love = peace. Simple equations, yet humanity it seems cannot come up with lasting solutions to the problems.


How many of us see images and storys on the news dipicting innocent people caught up in war and suffering, helpless circumstances in need of peace and equality, yet we are helpless to do anything.  Even governements cannot provide constructive solutions to ease tensions.

This peice represents all the suffering that is happening in the world at this point in time, no amount of weapons will give us the tools to defeat hatred, destruction is the only answer we have for the problems that we cannot solve.

The dove represents peace and ultimately freedom, resolved through comprimise on behalf of both sides, we cannot forget we are all part of the same genetic sequence, unity and reason tell us that we are all from the same family once upon a time

Resolutions need to be sought in any conflict, enough of your people's blood has been spilt. Time will not heal the lives that have been taken, unnecessary death has no place in life.

Written by

Ashley Thompson

29 Jul 2014