The nature of the beast

This dipicts how your mind and heart can become disconnected after you loose the one you love, a new day, but things remain the same as yesterday.


It's the hardest thing to not give up on yourself in situations like this, here is a poem I wrote to accompany this peice, to give people courage and hope to move on and better themselves, turn a negative into a positive.


It's easy to be drunk or high,

having no inspiration,

continue living a lie.


Nothing to show for your time on this Earth,

It takes courage & motivation to produce art,

then they will question your worth.


We all know that life can get hectic,

when hardship feels like its outweighing the fun,

you start to think like a sceptic,

praying, that the worst will surely come.


At times you don't want to wake up,

you feel like you've been cursed,

reeling from a bad break up,

Is there really anything worse.


When the struggle makes you feel disconnected,

the past is a mess,

it's hard to feel accepted,

your feeling low at your best.


That moment before dawn has made it's break through,

the feeling is more than just unrest,

It's times like these that will undoubtedly make you,

prepare to face life's next test.


So erase doubt from your mind,

Ignore all the hatred,

seek out more of your own kind,

your life, is far too sacred.

Written by

Ashley Thompson

10 Aug 2014