Mindlessly dependant on the system

Our government promotes democracy and advocates freedom by enslaving the public with constraints and taxing them like cattle.


  • This is true democracy, the ideals of freedom have successfully been sold to the public so well that they actually think they are free.


  • Do you think you are free? can you do what ever you want, go whenever you want? I doubt it, and if you can, you would have had to sacrifice your freedom, your time, and your youth to be able to do the things you can now.

Is this truly freedom? When we are the most advanced race on the planet, yet we are still living in a system that enslaves the masses, all for the greater good of our country's econemy, which means a small minority of greedy individuals that are already better off than the average citizen can continue making even more money than they allready have.
Seems really fair right? Yet non of us stand up and fight the system, we roll over and get ass raped by a government that only cares about money.

How did we allow religion to hijack morals? Since when do you need religion to tell you how to be a good person? Everyone knows right from wrong, you have a choice within you to decide which you want to be, the merits of being good far outweigh those of being bad, but you don't need religion to tell you that. 

Written by

Ashley Thompson

10 Aug 2014