Project Twin Streams Song Quest

The inaugural Project Twin Streams Song Quest called for under-18's to come up with a song to inspire others to protect West Auckland's waterways.


The inaugural Project Twin Streams Song Quest was a huge success, attracting a diverse range of acts aged 18 and under and drawing a crowd of over 400 people to Zeal Global Café in Henderson for the final performance night in August 09.

Organiser Mandy Patmore says she wanted to use music to help spread the message in a way that was relevant to youth. The entrants’ brief was to research Project Twin Streams and write a song which would inspire people to make a positive change and create a better future for the environment.

 Mandy says she hopes the performers enjoyed being part of a professional production and that they learnt a thing or two about Project Twin Streams along the way. “The learning that occurred belongs to them. They went out and got it all by themselves, which makes it so much more likely to sink it.  If you have someone telling you how to behave, and what to do, you're much less likely to listen than if you've found something out all by yourself.”

First prize – a $2000 voucher redeemable at Go West Music and a free recording of the winning song - went to 17 year-old Abootu for her song ‘Rebuild the Paradise’. (view below). Second place went to female duet Lemon Pie ( and third place to singer-songwriter Victoria Vigenser ( A young dub band, The Velociraptors, won the Judges’ Merit Award ( and a SKA band of nine and 10 year-olds, Mysterious Roadkill, took away the Project Twin Streams Encouragement Award (

The judges - Andrew Fagan, former Mocker, Ben Collier from Goldenhorse, Dei Hamo, a leading hip hop artist and Jess Clark from Project Twin Streams - were impressed with the calibre of all the acts and with the event itself. “It was a really slick production, a credit to the people who organised it,” said Andrew Fagan.

An independent film-maker, Ben McAlister, has documented the Song Quest from the auditions through to the finals and beyond. This footage will be compiled into a documentary which will screen at a big celebration night at Zeal Global Cafe in late November. That night there will also be a photography exhibition featuring the work of five young photographers from St Dominic's College, and CDs of the finals will be on sale also.

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Project Twin Streams

22 Sep 2009

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