Mahina demostrating various Taonga Puoro (Maori Traditional Instruments)

Various Traditional Instruments of Maori by Mahina Kaui


Taonga Puoro are ancient Traditional Maori instruments that deeply touch the spirit and soul. They are from the natural elements from Te Ao Maori (The world of the Maori people). Hineraukatauri is the Goddess of the Flutes. The very popular of one these are the 'Putorino', it looks like the Purere moth or Case Moths cacoon, and the Koauau. A three holed open ended flute that is blown across either end to make sounds in micro tones. It also mimics the human voice.  I this video I brieftly demostrate a number of these instruments so you can capture a glimpes of things Maori.

I run a number of workshops Locally, Nationally and Internationally plus I perform waiata (songs) incorporating these various instrument over many genre. Please contact me directly if you want a Koauau made or any other instrument and I'll hook you up with pricing and support.


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Each instrument is made specially to your uniqueness as is each workshop. Please ask for a quote.

Written by

Mahina Kaui

28 Oct 2009

Interests Kia ora, I'm with the group, 'Big Belly Woman". I sing, play, teach and use Taonga Puoro to heal and connect people spiritually from all walks of life. I'm currently using Taonga Puoro in Craniopathy, Cranio & Sacral Therapy.