Music over the Moon with Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa

Music over the Moon with Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa
A concert of meditative improvised music, songs of the spirit and ecstatic chant


Meditative Improvised Music, Songs of the Spirit and Ecstatic Chant

Sometimes in your life you hear some astonishing music that takes you straight into a beautiful reflective heart space deep within your soul.

They've got two concerts coming up in Auckland in March. 
If you'd like to see the posters go to their media page.

The first concert, which is part of the Fringe Festival, is on Sunday March 6 at the Soul Centre in Titirangi starting at 6 pm. details.

Then the following Sunday, March 13, they'll be on Waiheke Island at the Breathing Space, starting in the afternoon at 4:30 pm. details.

Meditative Improvised Music, Songs of the Spirit and Ecstatic Chant

In their recent concerts, two world class musicians, Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa, have been taking listeners on a journey of meditation and healing vibrations with their original songs of the spirit.

Guitars, voices, songs and improvisation with Ecstatic Chant and Sound Journeys... listening to music can be a transformative experience.

"I felt like I was absolutely in a sea of bliss..."   Pauline - after their recent concert in Christchurch

'Music over the Moon' is a concert of meditative music and compositions written by award winning recording artist Sambodhi Prem, who creates music with an organic depth and a spark of wonder. In California his album NatureSpace, won the NAV (New Age Voice) Acoustic Instrumental CD of the Year (2000) award.

In these artist's words...

"We have found that playing music brings us instantly into the here and now. We like to bring the spiritual quality back to music - where music can be a nourishment for the soul. This was once the case, but music now is mostly only associated with entertainment.

"We aim to create a space where music can again become part of our spiritual experience - where some of the spiritual concepts we may come to understand intellectually, can actually become our own experience.

"During our concerts we invite people to join us in some of the songs, inviting the listener to sing from their own inner source of wisdom, to the place of intuition that guides you to greater awareness and deeper love."

Come experience the deep flowing calm that radiates from this music and let it filter through to your heart and nourish the depths of your soul.


Meditative, Improvised Music, Songs of the Spirit and Ecstatic Chant

Presented by Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa

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Here's a new tune from their upcoming album of songs:
"My eyes slowly open".



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Written by

Sambodhi Prem

16 Feb 2011

Interests I'm a musician, my music is a reflection of what I've learned from my spiritual master Osho: to bring more meditation into my music, into my life - in everything I do. In music, and in life, I like to listen to the gaps of silence between the sounds.