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almost a silk purse

almost a silk purse
Re-conceived by Margaret Lewis, this chair may have delusions of grandeur


This chair may have delusions of grandeur, from being a utilitarian chair it is now dressed up in all its finery - ready for a night on the town. But the chair can't hide its roots a somewhat battered and bruised chair in need of tender loving care.

It has been stripped back to the bones, dyed and oiled and given a covering that Cinderella might have dreamed of. Cinderella wasn't too crash hot at tapestry. The original stitcher has stitched this beautifully and worked beads into the stitchery, obviously the panel was not big enough of the next purchaser and they added extra stitches around the edge - but in a slightly different shade of black. And then I had to acknowledge the tapestry's roots and leave some of it exposed so people can see the original canvas - so not quite a silk purse.

As an artist using stitch as my medium there seemed to be no more fitting way to give this chair new life and acknowledge its humble beginnings.

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Written by

Margaret Lewis

17 Mar 2015

A bit about me ... maker, conceiver and producer at the leading edge of urban art practice.